Piles Symptoms

What are the symptoms of Piles?

Rectal Bleeding

Blood on toilet paper or in stool is a common sign of hemorrhoids

Anal Itching:

Persistent anal itching is a common symptom of hemorrhoids, caused by irritation.

Pain or Discomfort

Hemorrhoids can cause pain during bowel movements and prolonged sitting.

Swelling or Lump

ou may feel a swollen or tender lump near the anus, which could be an external hemorrhoid.

Mucous Discharge

Some people experience mucous discharge from the anus, often associated with internal hemorrhoids.

Incomplete Bowel Movements:

If hemorrhoids obstruct the anal canal, they can make it difficult to fully evacuate the bowels.

Watch for symptoms

Common Symptoms

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are characterized by symptoms such as rectal bleeding, anal itching, pain/discomfort during bowel movements or sitting, swelling or lumps near the anus (external Hemorrhoids), mucous discharge (internal hemorrhoids), and a feeling of incomplete bowel movements. Seeking medical attention for diagnosis and treatment is advisable if experiencing these symptoms.

Emergency Symptoms

If you think you may be experiencing symptoms of hemorrhoids, it’s essential to contact a medical professional for proper evaluation and guidance. Don’t hesitate to seek medical attention if you’re concerned about your health.


What to do if you have symptoms

If you find yourself experiencing symptoms of piles, also known as hemorrhoids, it’s important to take timely action to address your discomfort and seek appropriate medical attention.

  1. Consult a healthcare professional for an evaluation and diagnosis.
  2. Follow their guidance for treatment, which may include lifestyle changes or medications.
  3. Adhere to their recommendations to manage and alleviate your symptoms effectively.